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Fillers and pigments

Fillers and pigments

Equipment for preparation, storage and dosing of fillers and pigments

This machinery and equipment is designed for preparation of fillers and pigments in required concentration and quantity, to store them in storage tanks and to dose them in required quantities into the technological line.

In the pulp and paper industry, it concerns particularly preparation of slurry of kaolin, ground calcium carbonate (GCC), precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), talc and bentonite.



  • Discontinuous or continuous slurry preparation.


  • Preparation from paper bags or “Big-Bags” with weight up to 1,000 kg according to filler or pigment packages available or from large-capacity silo.


  • Batch-wise material weighting by tensometric sensors.


  • Outlet slurry concentration is defined as a ratio of pigments to water, controlled by a control system on a CPU base.


  • Subsequent storage tank for slurry with low-speed agitator and M&R instrumentation.


  • Dosing pump with capacity regulation by frequency converter and inductive flow meter.


  • Electric switchboard with control system.

Way of material dosing:


  • In case of deliveries in “Big-Bags” up to 1,000 kg ”Big-Bag” station is available. This station can be delivered with or without lifting mechanism, according to customer's requirements.


  • In case of deliveries in paper bags, material is manually loaded into a hopper.


  • Hopper with screw conveyer and M&R instrumentation.


  • Screw conveyer with a speed control delivers the material into dispersing tank; quantity is controlled by load cells.


  • Water flow into dispersing tank is controlled by inductive flow meter or by load cells.

Slurry storage tank:


  • Volume depending on PM capacity (2 - 150 m3)


  • Slow-speed agitator


  • M&R instrumentation (level indicators, level limit switch against tank overfilling)


  • Service bridge and work safety elements (hand-railing, self-closing ladder gate, etc.) according to tank size

Way of slurry dosing:


  • Screw pump with capacity regulation by a frequency converter


  • Optional on-line diluting circuit for set-up of required operating slurry concentration, managed by control system


  • Rinse water supply for line rinsing


  • Slurry delivery monitored by control system; slurry flow and diluting water flow are controlled as a function of PM capacity


  • Supplied slurry volume as per dry matter based on customer's requirements and depending on PM capacity

If the raw material is available in the slurry form just from a producer, then dosing of pigments is solved by the dosing station (i.e. a set of storage tank, pump, on-line diluting circuit, automatic fittings and control system).

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