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Equipment for starch based glue production for corrugating machines (glue preparation for cardboards)

Its conception is based on common technologies for glue preparation in the system ”Steinhall”, ”No-carrier” or ”Minocar” w/wo viscosity measurement. The equipment is designed and delivered according to particular technological conditions on site and according to customer's specifications. Its delivery can include starch storage machinery, own equipment for glue preparation, dosing system for both powder and liquid borax, system of NaOH storage and dosing, storage tanks, delivery pumps and recirculation loops from the corrugating machine back to the storage tanks with pumps. As a part of optional accessories there is an external station available for other sorts of powder starch, so-called the ”Big-Bag” station including lifting and handling means, respectively a hopper for loading from paper bags. Starch conveying to the cooking tank is realised by means of a screw conveyer with electronic speed control through a frequency converter.

Equipment parameters


  • Powder starch storage capacity:


  • Large-capacity silo 50 - 100 m3, material GPRS


  • Low-capacity silo for loading from “Big-Bags” 3 - 10 m3


  • ”Big-Bag” station with hopper 1.2 m3


  • Hopper for loading from paper bags 0.4 - 1 m3

Unit for glue preparation:


  • Cooking tank 1.5 - 3.3 m3


  • Borax dosing equipment


  • NaOH dosing equipment


  • Direct steam heating system with regulation


  • Highly efficient dispersing agitator equipped with dispersing „Z“ disc


  • Built-in load cells for exact weighting of powder starch


  • Inductive flow meter and regulation loop for exact water dosing


  • On-line NaOH diluting circuit for fine regulation of viscosity


  • System with possible utilisation of flushing water


  • Air exhaustion from cooking tank with filter


  • Electric switchboard with control system based on CPU and colour touch LCD panel


  • Optional visualisation of technological process

Equipment capacity:


  • 300 - 800 kg/h dry solids of starch


  • 1,000 - 2,700 kg/h of glue


  • Starch dosing speed 65 kg/min.


  • Accuracy of starch dosing δ = 0.6 kg


  • Accuracy of borax dosing δ = 0.07 kg


  • Accuracy of liquid borax dosing δ = 0.07 kg


  • Accuracy of liquid NaOH dosing δ = 0.1 kg

Storage tanks system (2 or 3 pc):


  • Tank capacity 3.4 m3, equipped with agitators


  • Pneumatic transport pumps

Recirculation loops system for glues:


  • Length up to 140 m


  • Segments of pipeline 6 m long, dismountable bolted joints secured against unwished loosening


  • System of automatic armatures for line selection


  • Pneumatic transport pumps for recirculation loops 

Control system for glues preparation:


  • Based on CPU with touch colour panel LCD


  • Customer software


  • Free programming


  • Pre-selection of mostly used formulas


  • Viscosity measurement in running batches with immediate correction


  • Fine regulation of viscosity through „deep-gel“ system of NaOH dilution in on-line mode


  • Regulation trends


  • Summary of raw material consumptions within certain periods


  • Possible installation of Internet modem for remote administration


  • Optional visualisation through PC station and LCD 19” installed in PM control room of corrugating machine


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