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ASA/AKD sizing agents

ASA/AKD sizing agents

Equipment for preparation and dosing of ASA/AKD sizing agent

Preparation of sizing agent is based on continuous emulsion of ASA concentrate in a protective colloid. This equipment is based on creation of emulsion type „oil in water“, where one component is ASA concentrate (commercial product) and the other component can be solution of cationic starch or a polymer.


  • Capacity 1 - 100 l/h ASA (optionally also with larger capacities depending on PM capacity)
  • Emulsion in cationic starch
  • Ratio ASA/starch 1:1 to 1:1.5
  • ASA dosing regulation - manually or automatically in dependence on PM capacity
  • Regulation of cationic starch dosing - calculated from ASA flow
  • ASA flow measurement - mechanical flow meter with pulse counter (option: mass flow meter)
  • Cationic starch flow measurement - inductive flow meter
  • Regulation of starch temperatures before input of emulsifier - plate heat exchanger with regulation of outlet temperature
  • Regulation of emulsifier bypass - regulation valve
  • Main motor input power measurement in regulation loop (connection to bypass regulation valve)
  • Single- or multiway distributor according to number of dosing points in automatic regulation system

Storage tank for ASA concentrate:

If ASA concentrate is available in an IBC container, then it is not necessary to take further measures; the container is connected through a flexible hose directly to the ASA equipment. This solution brings advantages particularly for ASA dosing rates approximately up to 50 l/h.

For bigger ASA consumption we offer special storage tank which is closed and equipped with an air dryer, M&R instrumentation and filling pipe line.

Tank capacity: 25 m3 (different sizes available on customer's requirements). The standard capacity is designed for ASA concentrate available in truck tanks.

Main parts of the equipment for ASA sizing agent preparation:

  • Storage tank for ASA concentrate (IBC container or storage tank)
  • Dosing pump for ASA concentrate
  • Mechanical flow meter of ASA concentrate (option: mass flow meter)
  • Regulation circuit of emulsifying turbine bypass
  • Emulsifying turbine with motor
  • Output distributor
  • Electric switchboard with control system based on PLC

If no existing line for preparation of cationic starch is available, it is necessary to install:

  • Cooker, type JC, for preparation of cationic starch with required capacity
  • Storage tank for cooked cationic starch
  • Dosing pump for cationic starch
  • Flow meter of cationic starch
  • Heat exchanger for cationic starch with thermal regulation

Equipment for storage and dosing of other sizing agents

(rosin and AKD sizing agents)

Both rosin and AKD sizing agents are available as commercial products. They are usually delivered in the IBC containers with capacity of 1,000 l or in tank trucks up to 23 tons. The dosing stations are designed for direct connection of the IBC container or it is possible to install a storage tank connected directly with the dosing station.

Main parts of the equipment for storage and dosing of sizing agents:

  • Storage tank (optional) with capacity 10 - 50 m3; higher capacities also available
  • Dosing station for sizing agents

Dosing station:

Number of outputs according to the number of dosing points (1 - 5 dosing points for multilayer boards)

  • Membrane dosing pumps, respectively screw pumps with output control through external signals
  • Dose measurements through inductive flow meter
  • Automatic armatures
  • On-line diluting circuit supported by transport water (according to customer's requirements)
  • Electric switchboard with control system
  • Mounting frame
  • Single or doubled conception (1 or 2 dosing pumps for one dosing point)

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