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Stock preparation line

Stock preparation line


Final product:               fluting, corrugating medium, kraftliner, testliner, white top linerReference SPL output:      200 - 1,300 tpdRaw material:               waste paper sorts OCC, MW

Stock preparation line consists of:


  • Pulping node


  • Coarse screening node


  • Fine screening node


  • Approach flow system


  • Broke treatment node


  • White water treatment, fiber recovery

Pulping node


  • Conveyor


  • Vertical pulper, screenplate boring ø 12 mm


  • Impurities separation


  • Pulper ragger


  • Grab

The total specific energy consumption (SEC) in the node is 35 to 45 kWh/t.

Coarse screening node


  • HD cleaning


  • 2- to 4-stage screening, screen boring ø 2.2 mm


  • Final reject stages

Approx. 15 % impurities are separated in the coarse screening node to be pressed together with reject coming from the pulping node. Very low SEC is obtained thanks to high throughput capacities of the STU-type pressure screens. Total SEC of the node is 30 to 40 kWh/t. Fibre content in the reject is 10 to 15 %.

Fine screening node with fractionation


  • 2- to 4-stage screening


  • Deflaking


  • Thickening

Approx. 5% impurities are separated in the fine screening node. Rejects are dewatered in a belt press to a dryness of up to 20 to 25 %. Total SEC of the node is 40 to 50 kWh/t. Fibre content in the reject is 70 to 75 %.


Reject dewatering


  • Grab


  • Ragger


  • Reject dewatering drum


  • Sedimentation filter

Approach flow part systems for top and bottom wires


  • Two-stage dilution


  • Multi-stage LD cleaning


  • Fine screening (0.35 mm slots)


  • Direct mixing white water (WW)1 - ERMAMIX SILO

Total SEC of the node is 35 to 45 kWh/t.

Broke treatment

UTM broke pulpers

Slotted screens


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