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Key Products : Line-Tec100®, Line-Tec® 200

Opto-Control Ltd is the pioneer in manufacturing and supplying optical solution to the global pulp and paper industry. The company initiated its operations with evaluating sheet break detectors, and later expanded its operations to designing an advanced tracking system for paper machine clothing. Concentrating on sheet break detection and fabric guiding issues, the company emerged as a high-quality system provider. Opto-Control introduced the glassfiber technology in the paper industry, while using it for producing LINE-TEC products.


The best-known solutions in LINE-TEC® product family are new type of optical sheet break detectors and non-contacting edge tracking systems for paper machine clothing. Besides manufacturing and sales, Opto provide services such as consulting, product training and commissioning and spare part sales. Trained and skilled network of agents around the world serve the company's clients worldwide. Dun & Bradstreet Finland has granted Opto-Control Ltd AAA credit rating in 2004.

Sheet Break Detector

Line-Tec100® Sheet Break Detector


Line-Tec100® Sheet Break Detector is specially designed for detecting web breaks in paper machine positions. Components of the product include a shielded fibre optic cable, a sensor head and control cabinet for calibrations and adjustments. Detection sensors are installed close to paper web in Line-Tec100® sheet break detector to ensure 100 % break detecting. Line-Tec100® sheet break detector detects, reacts and provides a real and quick sheet break alarm signal. Continuous up gradation of Line-Tec100® sheet break detector is carried out following customer feedback.


Line-Tec100® sheet break detector can be installed in operations where paper runs open and also in positions where paper runs against cylinders and wires with no missed breaks or false alarms. Line-Tec100® sheet break detector aligns automatically with the operations it is installed with and includes several sensor options being available depending on application. Line-Tec100® sheet break detector does not require cooling and can also be installed inside a dryer hood. Prime features including lightweight, user safety and application ease, extreme withstand against high temperature and vapour make Line-Tec100® sheet break detector ideal for use in various applications. Line-Tec100® sheet break detector provides unlimited possibilities for different mounting positions and machines including press part, dryer section, soft-calanders and winders, paper machines, board machines, tissue machines and pulp drying machines.

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