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Paper Machine

Paper Machine

The stock preparation line may be designed for either virgin fibre or different kinds of waste paper, ONP, OCC and many varieties from printed materials or used wrapping papers.

 Each kind of fibre, depending on origin will require its individual set up for pulping, cleaning, screening, dewatering and refining.

Sometimes deinking or dispersing systems will be needed, or a combination of the two.

 We can offer used machines from prime European companies like, Voith, Escher Wyss, Cellwood and Valmet.

Our ref. no. J02-417 MF-PAPER MACHINE

Manufacturer Valmet      Manufacturing Year    1982

Paper width mm    6650      Producing:    Fine Paper, Copy Paper      Cap. TPD    750     

Min gsm    40     

Max gsm    120      Speed m/min    1250     

Operated grammages: 50 to 90 gsm

Shoe Press

Suitable to be modified to packaging grades.

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