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 “The EdgeMaster  is an excellent tool to correct wet streaks in a paper web.  The shortwave electric Infra-Red dryer can be mounted in the cylinder drying section or in a free draw.

Wet edges and/or wet streaks are limiting the production of many paper machines. EdgeMaster improves the moisture profile of the paper web which in turn allows a higher medium moisture level.

With an even profile across the machine you don’t need over dry in the pre dryer section. One percent increase of the medium moisture on the pope reel corresponds to a production increase of approximately 5 %.

The EdgeMaster can be equipped with the same features as a full machine wide DryMaster frame, like active temperature/moisture profiling in 37 mm zones. It can also be equipped with a simple, cost effective control system.

Single Modules need very little space; only 550 mm in the web direction. It can be installed at a free draw or against a dryer can.

As 0,5 to 3 % moisture can be dried with one unit (depending on basis weight and speed).”

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