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Key Products : State of the Art Coating and Drying Equipment, Electrical IR Dryers, Turn Key Coating Sections 

Development is always being carried out within UMV Coating Systems in order to obtain innovative and advantageous technical solutions. See us not only as equipment suppliers, but also equally as advisors. We know how - knowledge that assures quality and overall economy.

More then 40 years of first-hand experience of the pulp and paper industry have helped us build invaluable knowledge - knowledge that goes on expanding. Answering your need for reliability, accuracy and ease of use, our comprehensive product range includes advanced equipment for and rebuilding of pulp & paper machinery. Many of our technologies have become mill standards e.g. Ceramic and Soft tipped blades that originally where developed by our engineers.

UMV Machinery design

Coating Equipment


UMV are developers and suppliers of innovative surface treatment technology (former BTG coaters). The process development that formed the foundation of the company started back in the 1960s. Concepts that improve quality, productivity and flexibility for the paper producer with a select range of advanced equipment for single or double-sided surface sizing, pigmenting and coating.


BILLBLADE The first C-2-S coater in the world! With this we contributed to the development of on-line coated paper grades such as Art Paper, WC and CF.
TWIN Sizer, HSM The first roll coater that could C-2-S coat paper with good runnability and availability (former TWIN - HSM).
ABC system Advanced MD/CD profiling system, apply from 0,5 up to 20 gsm with excellent profiles
ABC Coater Awarded the best blade coater in the market today.
TWIN ABC Double-sided blade coating in one step (former Mirrroblade). A technically advanced coater without any rolls or mechanical drives.
INVO Jet Coating color application with roto-symmetric design.
TWIN Sizer, Gravure New roll coater technique with an outstanding flexibility when it comes to coat weight control and coating color coverage (former TWIN-Gravure).
INVO Colour Online monitor for coating color properties, such as solids content, viscosity and entrained air
LAS Decurling and moistening of the paper and board.

Paper Roller Bearings

Electrical IR Dryers


Electrical IR dryers (former ITRONIC dryers) for paper and board producers round the world, was from the very start one of the leading companies in the drying of coated paper and board. Through the years several installations has been done in Europe as well as in Asia.



Turn Key Coating Sections



UMV Coating Systems takes turnkey responsibility for complete coating sections, including pre-study, draft, design, manufacture, assembly, installation, training and start-up. It also looks after all the associated functions, such as piping systems, electrical systems, control systems, heat recovery and process ventilation.



Products and Services



UMV Coating Systems also markets a number of products and services for the paper industry such as:



  • Drying fabric arrangements (stretches, guides etc)
  • Heat recovery systems and machine hall ventilation
  • NEF® Oscillators and Spray pipes
  • Pilot coater
  • Rolls: balancing, design and manufacture
  • Spare parts for all UMV delivered equipment including coating machinery, electrical IR dryers etc
  • Tail feeding systems such as e.g. tail shooters
  • Technical field service for all UMV delivered equipment
  • Web handling and web guiding equipment



The pilot line, which is a base for our support to customers and development of new techniques, is outlined for a maximum speed of 2200 m/min.


Machinerys assembly

Extensive International Experience


UMV Coating Systems has carried out projects for customers in nearly 40 countries. Exports currently account for 90% of sales. UMV has agents in 25 countries and participates at all major trade fairs in the branch, and in this way makes its presence on the market known. It has managed to create a good reputation; a successful installation is an excellent reference.


UMV keeps its promises, both with respect to quality and scheduling, including the shortest possible shutdown. In order to remain at the forefront in the future, the company is always on the lookout for possible advantageous cooperation with companies that lead development in the field of pulp and paper machinery.

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