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Key Products : COL Systems for Dryer & Felt Roll Lubrication, Rotameters, Complete Erection & Commissioning of Centralised Lubrication Systems, Grease Group Lubrication for Pulp Mills, CGL Systems for Felt Rolls & Press Rolls, Drip Feed Oilers.

Founded in 1975, LUBRITE is today one of the major Indian manufacturer of Centralized Lubrication Systems. Over last three decades, Lubrite endeavours to produce quality products for the end users. The manufacturing plant located at Phagwara is equipped with modern facilities to manufacture and assemble the vast range of LUBRITE Products. Products such as COL Systems with Rotameters and CGL Systems are widely accepted in Paper Mills and are quite beneficial in reducing the down time occurring due to lack of lubrication. Having a dedicated sales network across the country is the sign of complete customer satisfaction to earn their persistent support.

Continous Oil Lubrication System

COL Systems for Dryer & Felt Roll Lubrication


Continuous Oil Lubrication system is meant to lubricate bearings of driers in the front/back side of paper machine. The COL systems generally consists of stand by Geared Pumps, Duplex Filters, Heat Exchanger & necessary instruments such as pressure switch, differential switch, thermometer, pressure gauges etc to monitor the working of system. Oil is lubricated to each bearing with a networking of pipe lines & fittings. Inline filters & Heat exchanger cleans as well as cools the oil before it enters the bearing housing. The same oil is then ejected from the bearing housing to the COL tank through return header.


Rotameters are installed on the paper machine to regulate the flow of oil in each lubrication point. It is the most essential part of COL system as performance of the complete system depends on rotameters. It consists of adjustable throttle valve, flow indicator & float assembly. As the flow indicator is made of polycarbonate, the flow rate can be easily visualized and the movement of the float. Rotameters are available in different flow range as per requirement. Electric sensing can also be provided if required.

Grease Lubrication Systems

Complete erection & commissioning of Centralised Lubrication Systems


Lubrite offers complete erection & commissioning of centralised lubrication systems for pulp and paper mills. Centralised grease lubrication system fitted with dose feeders provide a positive means of dispensing lubricants to the felt rolls or wire/press/ drier part from a central pumping source. The versatile rugged equipment offers flexibility in design and economy in operation. The indicators provided on dose feeders ensure the lubrication process. This system is widely accepted for felt rolls of hood, geared machines as the approach to lubricate the felt rolls in running is nil. This system is also applicable for tube type digestors.

Penumatic Grease Dispensers

Grease group lubrication for Pulp Mills


Lubrite manufactures grease lubrication pumps for several applications in pulp and paper mills. Products are classified into single line grease lubrication systems and dual line grease lubrication systems. Both the single and dual line grease group lubrication systems come in pneumatic, manual as well as motorized mechanisms. Lubrite manufactures every accessory necessary for machinery lubrication systems including pumps, centralized control mechanisms, motors, pneumatic pressure equipment etc. Centralized grease group lubrication systems help keeps the machinery running at pulp and paper mills.

Drip Feed oilers

Drip feed oilers from Lubrite are single point lubricators and are mounted directly on lubrication points. These oilers dispense oil under gravity from transparent reservoir. Drip oilers are available in different models as per requirement.

Automatic Lubrication System

CGL Systems for Felt Rolls & Press Rolls


Lubrite offers Centralised Grease group lubrication systems for felt rolls/ rolls of wire/ press/ drier part of paper machine. Pneumatic/motorised/manual grease pump is installed on the trolley. Progressive blocks of different outputs are installed near the bunch of felt rolls to grease. Engagement of pump & block ensures the lubrication of machine whenever required. This system is effective for Pulp Mill equipment.

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