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OVERMADE delivers cast iron dryer cylinders and steel dryer cylinders for every paper grade. Materials used are:

  • cast iron EN GJL300-UNI1561 for the shell and nodular iron (EN GJS400-UNI1563) for the heads and journals
  • steel EN P355 NH or SA516 Gr. 70 

Special alloys and surface treatment of the dryers are used for after-size positions and for sweat dryers. Chromium plating is also available for applications as coater dryers. The machining, performed on a special lathe, allows a perfect calibration with consequent uniform heat transfer and dynamic balancing. Depending on the speed and the grade, the cylinders are fitted out with rotary or fixed syphons.
According to the application, the drive can be applied on dryers or on fabric rolls.

Apart from the dryers, OVERMADE delivers complete dryer sections including, but not limited to:

  • vacuum assisted turning rolls and grooved turning rolls
  • sheet stabilizers
  • blowing doctors
  • ropeless tail threading system

Requirements covered:

  • Inner surface: plain or grooved
  • Operating pressure: 5,  8.5 and 10 bar
  • Diameter: from 3200 mm to 4877 mm without face length limitations
  • Special shell coating

The Yankee Dryers are used in the production of various types of MG paper, as well as of tissue. OVERMADE's Manufacturing capability includes: operating pressure of 5 or 8.5 and 10 bar, plain or ribbed inner surface, pressure vessel coding available for all Countries. The diameter of the OVERMADE Yankee goes from 3200 mm up to 4877 mm, without face lenght limitations and all are equipped with accessories, such as steam and condensate rotary joints and a specially-built, double-reduction, hollow shaft gear box. This gear box is lubricated by a dedicated forced oil lubrication unit, which will also supplies the Yankee bearing housings.Special alloys are used for the Yankee heads and shells; the typical material utilized is nodular cast iron GJS 400-15-UNI 1563, for heads and journals, and cast iron GJL 350-UNI 1561 for the shell with hardness 240 HB. 

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