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Overmade Press family covers all paper grades and production speeds. Single and double felted layouts are available with Suction Press roll, plain press rolls and Over XL shoe press or crown controlled press rolls.

Our Presses are categorized into:

  • OVER Press-I: compact no-draw, triple nip press. Ideal for rebuilds and modernizations of the wet end area.
  • OVER Press-II:  a combination suction pick-up/press roll, generating two nips. This configuration is one of the most successful press designs, ensuring great water removal capacity and optimum sheet non-two-sidedness.
  • OVER Press-IIIXL: modern design of a no-draw, three-nip press. Having a separate pick up roll, the first nip press is a double felted press with a Suction Press roll. The second nip is a single felted press. The third nip press roll is again a single felted press usually equipped with an OVER XL shoe press.
  • OVER Press-HL: double felted Jumbo press for linerboard and cardboard grades. The press (single or tandem layout) consists of two large diameter rolls providing a very long nip and high press impulse.
  • OVER Press-V: press of modern design for application on high

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