Two drum slitter combining winder

WINDER 3500 - Advanced and fast two-drum slitter winder family  for paper and board grades, speeds  up to 2800 m/min and  widths up to 9 meters.  Completely automatic winding cycle and automatic control of the finished roll density to ensure paper reel  uniformity.

WINDER 3500 T - Advanced two-drum slitter  combining winder family for tissue grades and  sheet widths up to 5,6 meters, to produce finished rolls from 1 to 4 plies.

WINDING SECTION: Shaft less or shaft assisted (shat diameter: 3” to 10"). Design speed from 1200  to 1800 m/min. Finished roll diameter up to 2200 mm. Winders are equipped with automatic control of the finished roll density, automatic finished roll ejector and automatic insertion of cores  on expanding shaft.

SLITTING SYSTEM: of tangential type, with counter knives either individually driven or mounted on expanding shaft.


  • Fixed crown calendar with device for skewing adjustment
  • Variable crown calendar
  • Embossing unit
  • Automatic systems for cores feeding and gluing, paper cutting and finished roll gluing
  • Fully automatic slitter positioning

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