Paper Ruling & Sheeting Machine

Paper Ruling and Sheeting Machine

The paper ruling & sheeting machine utilizes laser engraved flexos and anilox rollers to produce precise and excellent quality print of single lines, squares or pictures on reel papers, sheeted to required sizes to be further processed into softcover exercise books, student notebooks, hard cover notebooks, ruled pads, etc. Tab inserter or ink marking system can be installed in the paper ruling and sheeting machine to separate the paper sheets into pre-determined quantity. Operations of paper ruling and sheeting machine include mechanical paper roll lifting, rotary cross cutter, electrostatic discharger, pinions for sheeting length adjustment and automatic paper piling system. The paper ruling and sheeting machine can also be used as stand alone paper sheeter. Two models of paper ruling and sheeting machine are available including EBM1201 and EBM1202.

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