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Shandong Sun Paper Industry

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Shandong Sun Paper Industry
Shandong Sun Paper Industry

Sun Paper

Sun Paper was established in 1982 and is headquartered in Yanzhou City,Shandong Province. The business of Sun Paper covers many fields such as papermaking, chemical industry, foreign trade, power, scientific research, forestry and paper industry, hotel, investment, textiles, and food. With total assets of 26 billion yuan and a staff of more than 10,000 employees, the annual pulp and paper production capacity of Sun Paper is 4.6 million tons. After 30 years of development, Sun Paper has developed into a globally advancedtransnational papermaking group and an enterprise integrating pulp and papermaking. Now Sun Paper is the largest privately-owned papermaking enterprise in China, one of China’s top 500 enterprises and one of the world top 100 papermaking companies. In 2006, Sun Paper was listed into the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Sun Paper insists on using high technology to transform and upgrade the traditional industries and promote the transformation and upgrading of the papermaking industry. In the papermaking industry, Sun Paper has taken the lead in passing the accreditation of six systems concerning quality management, environment management, energy management, occupation health, food safety and forest inspection. The main products of Sun Paper include four series: high-end coated packaging board, superior art coated paper, superior cultural office paper, and special fiber dissolving pulp. The Group owns the brands of Golden Sun, Huaxia Sun, Brilliant Sun, Weier, Lecopy and Koolprint, among which Golden Sun is a famous Chinese trademark.

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