Company : PAPCEL A.S.

Category : Paper Machines and Installation

Key Products :  Paper Machines and Equipment for Stock Preparation Plants

PAPCEL is a joint-stock company with a long-standing tradition for producing machines and equipment for the paper industry. The company produces standard machines and equipment for stock preparation plants, standard machines and equipment for paper and board machines, cylinders and rolls, and stock pumps and tanks.

Paper machines

Our manufacturing assortment includes:


  • Standard machines and equipment for stock preparation plants focused especially on waste paper processing
  • Standard machines and equipment for paper machine lines (in range from headboxes to rewinders) focused especially on cardboards, wraping papers, fancy papers, coated papers, tissue papers,... and using waste paper as raw material
  • Rolls (pressure, non-pressure) with diameter up to 1,500mm and lenght up to 8,000mm, supplies of shafts
  • Pumps for paper industry, food industry and waste management
  • Tanks (pressure, non-pressure)
  • Special processes (plasma spraying; non-metallic coating; rolls grinding; balancing incl. flexibler rotors; shot blasting; surlaface protection coating; superfinishing
  • Repairs, reconstructions and modernizations of older and formerly delivered machines and equipment
  • Sales and overhauls of second-hand equipment
  • Chests (storage and mixing)
  • Other products in accordance with customer's requirements with weight up to 20t

Grinding of Yankee cylinder

Paper Machines - Technology


Papcel can deliver paper machines with working widths of 800mm up to 6,000mm. The speed of operation ranges from several m/min on the slowest acting special machines up to 1000m/min of other machines (for tissue production up to 1,500 m/min).


Paper machines manufactured for production of papers and cardboards are for example:


  • with several wires for production of single-layer or multilayer cardboards
  • for production of graphic papers
  • for production of one-side glazed papers (such as wrapping papers)
  • for production of coated papers
  • for production of fancy papers
  • for production of tissue papers
  • with longitudinal and inclined wire for production of filtration papers etc.

Stock Preparation Machinery

Stock Preparation and Waste Paper Treatment - Technology


Our technologic lines for stock preparation and waste paper treatment include:


  • OCC: complete lines for production of corrugated cardboards and Kraft liner
  • OMP: complete lines for production of solid boards and news bogus paper
  • ONP, OMG, OFW: (DIP lines for production of tissue and graphic papers)
  • Lines for the treatment of laminated papers (tetrapacks) and papers of higher wet-strength: for fibre recovery and their reutilization in the paper industry
  • Deinking plant (for preparation of deinked pulp)

Deflaking and Pressure Screens

Paper Machine And Equipment Engineering Services


PAPCEL provides completion of the technologic part of the construction works and machine and equipment delivery, including assembly supervision and putting the machine into operation in the contract period.




  • Design and projecting
  • Project documentation
  • Technological consultations
  • Dissassembly, Assembly and chief assembly
  • Sales in leasing form
  • Spare parts sales with deferred payment
  • Financing through supplier credits
  • Sales and overhauls of second-hand equipment
  • Customs clearance, transport
  • Service


Quality Assurance


Papcel guarantees the quality of its production on the basis of the personal responsibility of its technicians and other staffs. The company holds the following certificates and licences:


  • Great Welding Certificate awarded by SLV Berlin, authorizing for the production of steel structures
  • Certificate for the production of pressure vessels according to AD-Merkblatt HP 0
  • Licence to product pressure vessels of up to 2 Mpa
  • Licence to produce hoisting equipment under category “C”


PAPCEL is also ISO 9001:2000 certified for designing, development, engineering, manufacturing and furnishment of machines and technological eqipment, service for the paper and the related industries. The company was certified under ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System and under OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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