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Key Products : DataCenter Air Purifier, Air To Air Rotary Heat Exchanger, Adsorption Chiller, Compact Dehumidifier.

In a half a century Bry-Air, Inc., founded in 1964 by Art Harms, a former Bryant Sales Representative has grown from a small product line in a rented warehouse in New Jersey to a major force in the global desiccant dehumidification market.

Bry-Air, has built a solid reputation as a trusted solutions provider to customers around the world who need independent precise control of temperature and humidity in their processes, for the products, and in critical storage applications. The desiccant dehumidification system was invented by applying silica gel media into an air handling system by the Bryant Organization (a div. of Carrier Corporation) out of which Bry-Air was formed. Art Harms acquired the division after Carrier decided to opt out of the dehumidification business.

In 1981, Bry-Air took root in Asia with establishment of Bry-Air India (now, Asia) followed by establishment of its plant in 1991 and ASEAN presence in Malaysia, and now, also has its own offices in Vietnam and Indonesia.

In 1999, Bry-Air set its foot in China and expanded and set up a plant in Shanghai with direct sales network offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Wuhan. In 2001, Bry-Air established its presence in UAE, with branches in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.

In 2006, after the acquisition of the Bry-Air global brand, the centre of technical excellence shifted to India, under the Pahwa Group. The Group has filed 11 patents globally in the last 5 years for energy smart technologies and has set up 5 state-of-the-art test labs to give the cutting edge to our R&D and product offerings.

In 2010, Bry-Air Prokon, which specializes in non-contact moisture measurement technology, was set up in Chiasso, Switzerland.

In January 2014, Bry-Air Brazil has set up a plant for supporting the Latin American market, and currently Bry-Air Nigeria is under formation.

Today, Bry-Air (Asia) is a flagship company of the Pahwa Group, leader in Desiccant Dehumidification, worldwide, with two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India, fully owned subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Brazil, and a worldwide sales network. Bry-Air Inc., USA is aggressively serving customers in North America.

ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified, Bry-Air, worldwide, is known for its expertise as a “solution” company for moisture and humidity control for general industry as well as reliable auxiliaries for plastics.

Bry-Air’s plants are amongst the most modern ones, supported by computerized 3D designing, CNC fabricated and powder coating facilities, and automated conveying system.


DataCenter Air Purifier

Bry-Air, a leader in Gas Phase Filtration, known for setting new benchmarks, has now introduced a custom designed solution for data centers known as Bry-Air DataCenter Air Purifier (DAP). With the introduction of Bry-Air DataCenter Air Purifier (DAP), you can now protect your data center effectively from threat of electronic corrosion and abrupt failures. Bry-Air DAP is manufactured to the highest quality, reliability and ecological standards.


Bry-Air DAP houses a revolutionary Honeycomb Chemical Filter which is the heart of the system. This next generation revolutionary new medium is a building block of our new custom designed solution for data centers. Bry-Air macro-porous desiccant formed honeycomb matrix filter has a high bulk density and very high structural strength as well as adsorption capacity. This honeycomb matrix technology not only reduces the size of DAP but also increases its efficiency and life while reducing energy bills. All this provides a much higher capacity chemical filter with a much longer mean time between replacements (MTBR).

Air To Air Rotary Heat Exchanger

Bry-Airs BryXchange is an air to air rotary heat exchanger which recovers energy from high temperature exhaust air. Considerable high temperature air is generated in kilns, ovens, furnaces etc which generally goes waste. Through BryExchange this sensible waste energy can be recovered from the exhaust air and transferred to the low temperature supply air with efficiency of upto 75% energy.


Principle of working for BryXchange Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchanger


BryXchange rotor is installed between the high temperature exhaust air and supply air stream. As the rotor slowly rotates, sensible heat of temperature exhaust air is carried over by the rotor to the low temperature supply air.


Design and Structure of BryXchange Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchanger


The BryXchange rotor has a fluted media, fabricated with material having a high heat carrying capacity, which rotates between two side-by-side ducts: on a low temperature supply air duct, the other a hot temperature exhaust air duct. The axis of the rotor is located parallel to, and on the partition between, the two ducts.


BryXchange Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchanger's Advantage


  • Higher energy recovery
  • Lower electric energy costs
  • Compact unit design results in less weight
  • Temperature control
  • Considerable primary fuel saved

Adsorption Chiller

Introducing the Adsorption Chiller, based on an innovative green technology, and the first of its kind in India. A lot of low grade process heat (50°C – 100°C) generally goes waste because of the technology gap to utilize it effectively. Bry-Air has launched a futuristic product, using advanced green technology, which can now use this low grade waste heat for cooling without any environmental damage. It is a first ever product being launched in India to tap the abundant low grade waste heat available in process industries and use it for process cooling or air-conditioning (HVAC). This eco-friendly solution cuts down CO2 emission and reduces energy expenses.


The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller is based on an advanced green technology using inert Silica Gel (adsorbent) and Water (refrigerant) pair. It has unbeatable advantages like ultra-low electricity consumption, negligible noise and vibration, life expectancy of more than 20 years, negligible maintenance, etc. It is ideal for process industries like Power Plants, Food & Beverages, Chemical manufacturers, etc. and for Commercial areas like Offices, Buildings, Hotels, Malls, etc.

Compact Dehumidifier

FFB Series


Largest capacity range in Compacts - from 170 cmh to 3000 cmh (100 cfm to 1766 cfm). The Bry-Air FFB Series, 170 cmh through 3000 cmh (100 cfm to 1766 cfm) desiccant dehumidifier line is designed to integrate "small footprint and finish" of a commercial unit with "the ruggedness" of an industrial dehumidifier.


FFB 170 170 cmh
FFB 300 300 cmh
FFB 600 600 cmh
FFB 1000 1000 cmh
FFB 1500 1500 cmh
FFB 2000 2000 cmh
FFB 3000 3000 cmh


The BRY-AIR® FFB Compact Dehumidifier is CNC fabricated with powder coated finish and incorporates a high performance fluted metal silicate desiccant synthesized rotor which allows for:


  • Reduced Foot Print
  • Increased Performance
  • Lowest Volume/ Weight per CMH
  • Innumerable mounting options


Light weight, and can be installed above the false ceiling eliminating the need for floor space


The FFB Compact Dehumidifier removes moisture through a process of continuous "physical adsorption". The moisture is adsorbed in the dehumidification sector by the fluted, desiccant synthesised rotor and is exhausted in the reactivation sector by a stream of hot air in a counter flow.


India Plant is the hub for all manufacturing of FFBs for the Bry-Air Group including USA.

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