Test Unit

The ALGAS test unit is normally delivered on a trailer or if by sea and air in a container. For loading and unloading it will be necessary to use a forklift with long forks.

Weight of the test unit:

Empty 650 kg
Filled with water approx. 1000 kg
Dimension: L = 1570 mm, W = 1385 mm, H = 1330 mm


RIMA Screw Dewaterer is built on many years experience of dewatering. The development is done considering function,
reliability and service. There are three types of KRIMA Screw Dewaterers; SD, SDC and SDPP. Each model is designed in the same basic principle; a rotating screw in a fixed perforated screen basket.

Pulper_Rebuild (1)

Most rebuilds are made with the goal of increased pulper capacity, which means that the operating consistency and in some cases the pulper volume are increased. This is achieved by installing a more modern rotorunit in the
pulper.For UTM pulpers the focus of a rebuild is normally increased consistency and optimization of the controls surrounding the pulper. Broke pulpers and bale pulpers are most commonly upgraded by a change from batch to continuous operation.