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Ecoverde is a business that is inserted within the domestic and international market of auxiliary chemicals for the paper production process, water treatment, systems, machines and equipment for the industry. Ongoing investments and significant business partnerships have, together, allowed the company to increase its presence on the paper industry market, combining an integrated logistics process with a skilled and qualified staff capable of customizing solutions for a sector that demands increasingly precise and competent answers to its needs. The continuous investments made in terms of customer support services (laboratory, field instrumentation) and our fortunate location, have permitted our personnel to expand skills and competencies in direct contact with the daily needs of manufacturers, being fully involved in their technical and logistical difficulties and leveraging the possibility of not being bound by rigid technical-commercial strategies.

Assessing together issues such as process chemical composition, water treatment systems, installations, equipment and finishing of the end product leads to a customer-specific solution that translates into an asset for the company.

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Ecoverde SpA
Via IV Novembre
1 B 55016 Porcari
(Lucca) Italy
Tel: +39 0583 297666
URL: www.ecoverde.com

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