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Key Products : Screw Pumps, Gear and Lobe Pumps 

Hydro Prokav Pumps India Pvt Ltd. based in Industrial City of Coimbatore is one of the Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of various types of Positive displacement Pumps.  Hydro Prokav clientele includes -  Chemical, Petro chemical, Pulp & Paper, Sewage/Effluent Treatment, Edible Oil Refineries, Sugar, Distilleries, Breweries, Cattle Feed Plants, Fruit Pulp canning Industries, Cosmetic Industries, Detergent Soap Manufacturing Plants, Printing Ink manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizer Plants, Fisheries, Marine Industries, etc. Hydro Prokav Pumps is awarded with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certifications by UKAS.

Chemical Screw Pumps

Chemical screw pumps are of cast iron construction with various metallurgy of rotating parts like Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, SS 304 and SS 316 while KX – CF pumps are of complete SS 304 and SS 316 material of construction. Chemical screw pumps (KX-CD) are Non-clogging, has minimal Internal Wear, is Reversible and Versatile.

Hygiene Screw Pumps

Hygiene screw pump are designed with all metal parts in contact with liquid in smooth SS and stator of non-contamination rubber, seamless body eliminating product retaining pockets. IDF / SMS /TRICLOVER / equivalent end connections.  Hygienic design pump have simple construction allows quick dismantling, Can work against high vacuum. Ideal for lifting viscous fluids from the vacuum pan.

Throat Chemical Pumps

(K / KX /KY) - W Series Wide Throat Chemical and Hygiene Screw Pumps have Hopper type suction inlet allowing gravity flow of Plastic Viscous media on Augur cum Coupling Rod pushing viscous substances into pumping cavity. Standard pumps employ Mild Steel Hopper Pump Casing with alloy steel rotating parts. Bridge Breaker Paddle. Assembly is available referred as KX-WBB series of Pumps.  (K / KX /KY) - W Series Wide Throat Chemical and Hygiene Screw Pumps are suitable for all media up to most thick pulpy consistency with highest content of solid or fibrous material.

Universal Pump Spare Parts

Internal Gear Pumps - Internal Gear Pumps belongs to family of Positive displacement Pumps where in Driving Gear with internal tooth drives the internal Gear and turns in same direction inside the Pump Casing. 

Hydro Prokav Rotary Lobe Pumps - Rotary Lobe Pumps have two Synchornized Rotors (Lobes) rotating against each other build on chambers towards the Casing of the Pump which have high suction capability making maintenance  easy without disturbing pipe assembly.

Twin Screw Pumps Hydro Prokav Dual Flow Twin Screw Pumps are dependent on the rotation of the Two Screw Spindles in the closed compartment.  

Triple Screw Pumps - Hydro Prokav offers variety of high performance Triple-Screw Pumps which are highly efficient in handling a wide range of liquids with varying viscosity at high pressures.

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International Sales
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