Company : G. Varadan Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Category : Industrial Equipment and Systems

Key Products : Spray Nozzles, Showers, Filters and Doctor Blades for Paper 

G. Varadan Engineering Pvt. Ltd., established in the year 1950 by Late Shri Govind Varadan, Ex-Chairman is a leading manufacturer and exporter of different types of Nozzles for paper, pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, & SPM industries. We manufacture all types of nozzles, Doctors holders & Doctoring systems, fixed Speed & variable speed oscillating units and filtering systems with high quality as our imperative factor. Company also manufactures DSM-Screens wedge wire filters, manual & auto self cleaning filters for paper, steel, starch, coal, and sugar industries.

Our 53 year old company is an ISO 9001-2008 registered company with NQA, UKAS and offers a wide variety of Doctors Holders & Doctoring systems to paper mills. Headquartered in Bangalore, Varadan exports extensive product gamut to various countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Philippines, Australia and USA.

Achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction by producing best quality products at a competitive price, G Varadan Engineering is specialized in offering customized solutions by designing and manufacturing products relying on the customer specification. Also, we suggest suitable nozzle for different applications.

Spray Nozzles

G. Varadan Engineering Pvt. Ltd manufactures paper industry spray nozzles, which can be used in several applications across the pulp and paper industry. We manufacture a wide range of nozzles including fanjet/fishtail spray nozzles, solid flat spray, flat jet spray nozzle, low pressure flat fan spray nozzle, self cleaning nozzles, wide angle flood jet nozzle, belt type, high impact flat jet, hollow cone, solid stream needle jet, needle jet nozzle discs, trim squirt, air automizing, hydraulic fine mist, full cone, needle jet, nozzle discs for self cleaning brush showers, spoon type high impact flat jet nozzle etc. All the paper industry spray nozzles are made in full cone, hollow cone, wide angle, extra wide angle, mist, fogger and spiral cone.

Showers & Oscillators

Varadan's showers and oscillators are operating in various industry applications. We manufacture showers and oscillators for a variety of industry sectors, especially for pulp and paper industry. Type of showers from our company are stationary shower, oscillating shower, chemical shower, startch spray shower, tube in tube shower and self cleaning shower. Varadan supplies oscillators includes Microtravel Fixed Speed Oscillator and Microtravel Variable Speed Oscillator, which requires no maintenance and are durable, easy to install.


“G Varadan” filter is a tubular, in line pressure filter with reusable elements. It protects the process by removing contaminants from liquids.

Filtering elements are SS 316 wedge wire with openings from 25 microns upwards. The nature of the construction of elements facilitates backwashing and is very rigid to withstand pressures up to 75 Bar with internal reinforcements. Large free passage results in free flow of process liquid and ‘V” design ensures venturi effect during backwash.

Range of filters from Varadan includes Online filter, Duplex filter, Triplex filter, Multiplex filter and Auto self cleaning filter. Single filters are offered with flow rates as per customer requirements, up to 500 Lpm capacity. Duplex filters consist of two simple filter units connected in parallel through 2 way ball valves. Duplex filters are rated for the same output as single filter as in most applications one filter unit is valved off stream for cleaning ( backwashing ) while the other filter in operation continues filtering. Multiplex filter consists of three or more filter units’ valves in parallel to common header. The special feature of these filters is that they can be sequentially backwashed in place, while the other remains on stream.

Doctor Blades

Quality performance is the standard and precision is the trademark for G Varadan doctor blades. Our doctor blades are engineered and manufactured to meet the precise specifications. We manufacture doctor blades for every paper and board machine application, doctoring condition and paper grade, as well as for many other industrial doctoring situations.

We offer metal blades, laminated blades, plastic blades, abrasive blades, fiberglass blades and carbon fiber blades. G Varadan doctor blade is parallel ground or machined for straightness and to eliminate camber. Dimensional tolerances and bevel uniformity are also assured. Each blade we produce is hand finished, deburred, and cleaned for optimal performance on your machine.

Doctoring systems

We are one of the prominent manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Doctoring Systems to many paper mills.

Doctor assemblies from Varadan consist of several sub-systems including Doctor back, blade holder and support and mounting.

Doctor Back: Varadan doctor backs are designed taking into account strength, vibration, deflection and space requirements of each application. Every Varadan doctor back is precision machined to within thousandths of an inch of surface parallelism and crown targets. Doctor backs can be supplied in solid stainless steel, mild steel clad with stainless steel, or painted mild steel.

Blade Holder: Varadan offers numerous rigid, conforming, and specialty holders. Models are illustrated on the following page.

Support and Mounting: Doctors are supported by journals, bearings, and custom mounting brackets. We offer several bearing models according to doctor weight and use of oscillation.

Holders offered by Varadan are ETUniform, ETU-Oraflex, RJG III, KF-35A and F-45A/KF-55. Other accessories supplied by our company are bearings, loading & positioning devices and oscillator systems.

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