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OVER Meccanica

Via Torricelli, 25
PO Box 518,  37136 Verona



AboutOVER Meccanica

Over Meccanica S.p.A., located in Verona, northern Italy, is one of the leading world producers of paper making equipment. The company manufactures paper machines for all paper grades, from tissue to coated board, and has the capability of supplying turnkey paper mill installations.

The technology employed in its products comes from a more than 40 years experience as a prime supplier in the world market, and is continuously improved and developed in OVER's research center, housing a modern pilot machine facility.

State-Of-The-Art Paper Machines And Machinery

Today OVER Meccanica manufactures state-of-the-art products:

  • Dynaflo-F, TW and C hydraulic headboxes for all paper grades and machine applications, with dilution CD profiling of single and multi-layer design
  • OVER Former-CR, HS and HSP gap formers for production of tissue, communication grades and packaging grades at high speeds
  • OVER Press: press section family for all pressing applications, with suction rolls, jumbo rolls and shoe-press flexible rolls
  • Dryer sections of modern conception, with high-efficiency single and double-tier design
  • Size presses, conventional and with our own design size/coat applicators
  • Hard and soft-nip calenders
  • OVER Reel-T and H for all reeling applications
  • Series 1500 and 2500 winders, with operating speeds up to 2,800m/min
  • Variable crown rolls

Dryers, Complete Paper And Tissue Machines And Components

OVER Meccanica's factory includes the most modern manufacturing facilities for machining and fabrication. A modern cast iron foundry produces paper dryers, yankee dryers and components in a variety of cast iron grades, to cover all the demands of today's paper technology.

With its current facilities, OVER can produce:

  • Complete paper machines and paper machine components, up to 10m wide
  • Tissue machines up to 5,600mm wide, designed to run at speeds up to 2,300m/min
  • Paper dryers of 1,500mm and 1,830 mm diameter, up to 10m wide, for a steam pressure up to 12bar with a yearly capacity of 200 units
  • Yankee dryers for tissue production, up to 3,600mm diameter and 3,900mm face, ribbed internally, rated for 8bar steam pressure with a yearly capacity of 12 units

Complete Paper Mill Design And Engineering

In its Design Department, strong of 40 experienced designers, OVER can produce engineering for complete paper mills, to be installed in any area of the world. The design is completely performed on a comprehensive CAD system, featuring 2D and 3D modeling. Links with the Manufacturing Departments allow extensive CAM capability.

Service And History

OVER Meccanica has installations in many countries and offers a comprehensive service, from installation supervision, to start-up assistance, to personnel training, to troubleshooting and process optimization.

Thank to the extensive network of agents and representatives, the services and the equipment of OVER are just a phone call away for clients in any part of the world.

Founded in 1961, OVER Meccanica has enjoyed a 15 year period of cooperation (1968-1983) with Dominion Engineering Works of Canada to acquire the technology for wide and fast paper machines. During that period, great advancement was made in the forming and the pressing processes, today reflected in the modern products marketed by OVER.

A very active and progress-oriented management has continuously maintained the company on the leading edge of paper making technology. Today OVER can offer its clients the service of its research facility to develop tailored-made solutions for virtually every paper making application.