Cylindrical Auto Guides

Due to closed loop movement of the Wire/Felt, they tend to displace from the intended position due to centrifugal forces. For high quality and quantity of paper production, proper dewatering, increase the service life of the Wires/Felts on paper machine, and to have a better control over the Fabric tension a proper positioning of the Wire/Felt is must.


Hence the continuous Monitoring and re-Positioning/Guiding of the Wire/Felt is must for any Paper Manufacturing Machine.


E + L manufactures Cylindrical AutoGuides with unique Proportional Feedback Mechanism which results into the accurate guiding with least air consumption and oscillations. This results in fewer corrective movements and more life of the Wire/Felt and less wear and tear in the guide also. Hence more value for money.


With Manual guiding option in addition to the Automatic guiding stroke.


E + L AutoGuides comes with Mechanical(Pneumatic)/Electrical/Optical Sensing devises depending on the application demands. And these sensing devises are supplied with the specially designed valves hence less contact force is required.


Internal insulation and Metallic Construction assures the trouble free operation at higher temperature.


E + L guide is now the best option to replace the outdated technology of bellow type guides over any other options.

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