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Model 215 Two-Drum Surface Winder

Model 215 Two-Drum Surface Winder

Model 215 Two-Drum Surface Winder

The heavy-duty Model 215 two-drum surface winder significantly increases productivity and safety. Time saving features shorten production cycles, allowing more jumbo rolls to be processed per shift. These features include a rugged shaftless floor pickup unwind, high-capacity hydraulic systems, web threading and core placement assists, auto knife positioning, and a streamlined finished-roll discharge process. A state-of-the-art, comprehensive safety system includes an integrated safety PLC as well as safety devices such as guards and sensors. The 215 surface slitter rewinder handles materials ranging from very heavy to very lightweight. This machine rewinds to a 60” diameter (with optional 72 or 84” diameters) and is capable of shaftless or coreless rewinding. Precise tension and slit web control systems help produce top-quality finished rolls.

Standard Features

  • Speeds up to 4000 fpm (1220 m/min)

  • 60" (1520 mm) rewind diameters

  • Web widths from 96 to 220" (2438 to 5580 mm)

  • Overhead web path

  • Shear and/or score slitting

  • Programmable profile drum torque

  • Single bowed roll

  • Roll ejector and j-table

  • Safety PLC, guards, and sensors

  • Advanced CBM1 control system with user-friendly interface, recipe control, programmable tension and density, data logging and remote support

Optional Features

  • Splice tables

  • 72 or 84” rewind diameters (1830 or 2140 mm)

  • Automatic knife positioning

  • Laser core-placement assist

  • Core diameter presets

  • Web threading assist

  • Dual bowed rolls

  • Driven and/or micro-grooved idler roll options

  • Idler roll brakes

  • Plasma coated drum roll

  • Shaftless rewind

  • Coreless rewind shaft

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