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Automatic Score Knife Positioning

Automatic Score Knife Positioning

Automatic Score Knife Positioning

The latest Catbridge automatic score knife positioning system provides fast, accurate, repeatable slitting. This system can place up to 120 knives and allow slit widths as narrow as 1/2". New features minimize mechanical errors and position score knives with an accuracy of +/-0.015”. Well-planned integration of the positioning system to minimize slit web length further enhances finished roll quality. A storage compartment houses blades for numerous cuts and slit patterns. Patented in US and Europe.

Standard Features

  • Accurate & efficient positioning of standard score knife holders

  • Automatic storage calculating algorithms

  • Selectable center or first knife positions

  • Trim width calculator

  • Recipe storage

  • Fully integrated pneumatic controls turn on only the required slitting knives

  • Infinite storage positions without holder removal for all sizes between 12 mm and full web width

  • Standard option on the CBM1 control platform with operator-friendly interface

  • Patented in US and Europe

Optional Features

  • Available as stand alone or integrated into a Catbridge Slitter

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