Company : KU Sodalamuthu and Co.

Category : Paper Machines and Installation

Key Products : Machinery for Paper Core, Tube, Edge Protector and Pulp Moldings. 

KU Sodalamuthu and Company Private Limited is the Asia's largest manufacturer of Paper Conversion Machinery. KU Sodalamuthu is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Paper Cone making machinery, paper core/tube making machinery, composite cans making machinery, edge protectors making machinery and pulp moulding machinery for making egg trays and fruit trays.


With more than 44 years of experience in manufacturing paper conversion machinery, the ISO 9001:2008 certified company services over 500 customers worldwide. For 20 consecutive years we have won EEPC export awards for outstanding export performance and are also a proud recipient of Jamnalal Bajaj award for fair business practice.


Tube making machinery

Paper core/tube making machinery high quality paper cores for several applications can be produced. Paper cores are used for winding fax rolls, telex rolls, toilet paper, newsprint, kraft paper, fabrics, carpets, etc.

Edge protectors making

Paper edge protectors are used to protect sides of products in packaging. Our edge protectors making machinery offer convenient option of cost-effective production of edge protectors, OD & ID of Protectors, etc.

Pulp moulding machinery

Pulp moulding machinery for making egg trays, fruit trays etc. Our pulp moulding machinery is in great demand as the usage of biodegradable materials is increasing significantly. Pulp moulded products made by our pulp moulding machinery are fast replacing other alternatives in the packaging industry. The Sodaltech paper pulp moulding machinery offers immense scope for profit with a wide range of pulp moulded products.

Paper cones plant

The modern automatic paper cones plant can produce paper cones in different sizes as required. Paper Cones can be manufactured to suit various applications. The popular size of the paper cones in the present textile industry are 9°15', 5°57', 4°20', 3°30', etc.

Fibre Drum Machine

Fibre Drums are cylindrical in shape that uses Kraft Board and are used to pack bulk drugs, chemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals, engineering, consumer goods, adhesives, etc. It is through Fibre Drums that fibres are often transported in textile mills. Fibre Drums are the most preferred option wherever there is a need for a cost-effective, light weight but strong packing material. This machine is used to manufacture spirally wound paper tubes using various plies and glue.

Composite Can Machinery

Composite Cans are produced  by the Composite Can Making Plant.Composite Cans are used for packaging detergents, liquor bottles, automobile components, engineering goods, laminated cans for packaging wafers, fruit drink, etc. These composite cans are eco-friendly because they are disposable and easily recyclable.

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