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ERX55 Inline Measurement System

ERX55 Inline Measurement System

ERX55 Inline Measurement System for Consistency in Transparent Film Manufacture

Exacting color in the plastics supply chain is becoming increasingly important. In the manufacture of transparent films, color, visual light transmission and haze are extremely important and must be monitored throughout the production run. In addition, the ability to control UV layer thickness can minimize waste for this expensive material.

X-Rite’s Inline transmission measurement system for transparent film can help operators continuously monitor color quality and correct even slight changes immediately.

ESWin QC software is used to control the ERX55 non-contact spectrophotometer. The color values, correlated haze and light transmission are displayed on the ESWin screen as a trend diagram to keep operators up to date.

Unique features like X-Rite Ambient Light Smart Control and our Automatic Display Control makes profiling so easy, while delivering color accuracy and consistency time and time again. We want your life to be perfect. Let’s start with ColorMunki calibrated and profiled displays.


  • Continuous measurement of color, visual light transmission and haze enables operators to correct even slight changes immediately.

  • A spectral range from 330 nm to 730 nm with 1 nm optical resolution delivers best-in-class measurement results.

  • Optimizes the efficiency of the protective UV layer used in building materials such as PC sheets to optimize use of expensive coating materials.

  • A spectral curve provides detailed information about reflectance and transmission for ease in adjustments.

  • External calibration is only necessary every 4 weeks for maximum instrument uptime.

The ERX55 delivers excellent short-term stability due to its use of real dual beam measurement, and its automatic wavelength calibration ensures exceptional measurement accuracy and long-term stability. The ERX55 is the must-have color measurement instrument for measuring and controlling color in the manufacture of transparent films.

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