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Firetube steam boilers, Firetube superheated water boilers, Waste heat recovery boilers & Indirect heat steam generators

Mingazzini Srl
Mingazzini Srl

Firetube Steam Boilers

In our factory in Parma covering an area of 25,000m of which 10,500 are under cover, we produce steam boliers, superheated and hot water boilers, studied right down to the smallest detail and designed to measure for specific industrial needs: from single units to the most complete heat plants supplied ready to go.

The constant increase in requests on the part of the sector of energy production and management, has led to an ever greater development of superheated water boilers for distric heating (teleheating) plants with power up to 17 MW and waste heat recovery boilers (WHRB) downstream cogeneration or processing plants.

In addition to these products, MINGAZZINI SRL is able to supply absolutely everything necessary for the production and modern efficient management of heating plants of any size, including remote control or management, as well as operation without continuous supervision for 24/72 h.

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Mingazzini Srl
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