Steiner GmbH & CO. KG

Steiner GmbH & CO. KG

Jägersgrund 1+3 D - 57339 Erndtebrück

AboutSteiner GmbH & CO. KG

The Steiner company metalizes and cuts capacitor foils at the two locations in Germany and the USA with around 350 employees.

Optimized for the respective markets, we maintain our own research and development centers and extensively equipped laboratories.

Foils from 0.5µ to 23µ foil thickness and/or 2.25mm to 330mm cutting width are used. Our coating technology is also available for non-capacitor applications.

At both locations we implement our philosophy of "flow production" with the material flow in only one direction. Material flows up and down or back and forth are thus avoided. After each production step, a quality assessment is carried out before further processing begins.

Our quality is the joint performance of all employees, of which we are particularly proud and some of whom can look back on 50 years of service.

Our reputation as an employer is excellent.