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AboutMEZ STROJE s.r.o.

Machines for the production of electric motors

  • reeling technique

  • wire cutting and stripping

  • preparation of insulating material

  • machine tools (adjustments, adaptations)

  • machines for intermediate and final winding shaping

Machines for repairing electric motors

  • blasting machines of defective winding

  • rewinding machines for piece production

Machines for general use

  • assembly and transport roller tracks

  • mobile racks

  • ventilation and exhaust

  • machines according to the customer's order

Transmission program

  • worm gearboxes

  • differential gearboxes

  • front gearboxes

General repairs of all machines

Working capacity, experience and capacity are also offered to you. We are ready to implement your technical solutions or together with you to find the right technical solution for you. We are interested in production partly repetitive and piecewise.