Cellwood Machinery AB

Cellwood Machinery AB

PBox 65, SE-571 21 Nässjö
Sweden, Tel: +46 (0)380 76000

AboutCellwood Machinery AB

Founded in 1913, Cellwood Machinery has a long tradition within the pulp and paper industry and is one of the worlds leading company for equipment for dispersing of waste paper.  Cellwood is a family owned company which consists of Cellwood Machinery AB, Soderhamn Eriksson, Simson and AB Bruzaholms Bruk.


Cellwood Machinery’s concept is to develop, design, manufacture and market high-tech machinery and complete systems adapted to suit the needs of customers in the pulp and paper industry across the world for the environmentally friendly processing of pulp and the recycling of waste paper, and manage after sales including training, start up, service and spare parts supply.


Cellwood Machinery’s business concept is to provide energy-efficient machinery and services for disintegration and grinding of recycled paper and other fibres in large volumes.


Cellwood Machinery is well known for its brand products Krima and Grubbens.