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Horizontal Pulpers

Horizontal Pulpers

The horizontal pulper design allows for a lower build height as well as a lower energy consumption. It can be customized with any of the rotor units described below.

Rotor units


The G-rotor is used for pulp with low dry content, for example in UTM positions such as couch- and press pulpers.


The S-rotor is equipped with a strainer plate and is used for pulp with high dry content.


The SC-rotor is fitted with counter knives and wear bars for use with wet strength material and other difficult paper qualities.


The SB-rotor simplifies maintenance on UTM pulpers, as the rotor unit can be removed in one piece.


The GRO-rotor is an all-in-one solution including both rotor and pulp outlet. This makes it perfect for rebuilds of existing tubs.

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