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Steam Boilers PB-P, PB-PP

Steam Boilers PB-P, PB-PP

Steam medium-pressure three-pass boilers for gaseous and liquid fuels.

According to the requirements of the ČSN EN 12 953 standard and the EC Directive 97/23

The boiler body consists of a cylindrical casing, two reinforced bottoms, an asymmetrically placed flame, a water-cooled rear reversing chamber and a bundle of second and third draft heat pipes.

The front reversing chamber is uncooled, closed by a door allowing cleaning of heating surfaces. The flue gas outlet from the boiler is provided by a smoke collector in the rear part of the boiler. Flue gas outlet through a flue with upper or rear outlet.

The boiler body is equipped with a valve tube with power supply control, watermark, manometer, manostat for burner power control and emergency manostat. There is also a neck on the boiler body for steam extraction, supply neck, safety valve, venting, blowdown, sludge and a neck for level monitoring, or BOSB installation.

In the case of a superheated steam boiler version, the equipment is supplemented with a temperature sensor, an emergency thermostat and a safety valve for the steam superheater.
A manhole and inspection openings are used for internal inspection of the boiler. All heating surfaces are easily accessible for cleaning, which guarantees consistently high efficiency even during long-term operation with liquid fuels.


The heat contained in the flue gases leaving the boiler can be transferred to the feed water in the flue gas exchanger. The energy obtained in this way increases the efficiency by up to 5% and thus reduces fuel consumption.

Complements the basic design of PB-P and PB-PP boilers. It can be integrated into the flue gas collector or placed separately at the flue gas outlet.

Provides highly efficient heat transfer - countercurrent principle. It consists of bundles of ribbed or smooth pipes in the flue, which open into water chambers.

If superheated steam is required, the PB P boiler can be supplemented with a steam superheater, which is then located in the front reversing chamber between the second and third drafts of the boiler.


The boiler can be delivered in a version with an adjustment for the future transition to hot water or hot water operation without intervention in the pressure unit.

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