West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.

West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.

858 Beatty Street, Suite 501 Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 1C1

AboutWest Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.

West Fraser was founded in 1955 when three brothers – Sam, Bill and Pete Ketcham - pooled their resources to buy a small planing mill in Quesnel, B.C. From that early entrepreneurial spark, West Fraser has grown to be the largest lumber producer in North America.

A diversified North American wood products company, West Fraser operates over 45 manufacturing facilities in Western Canada and the southern United States. The Company’s main product is lumber (spruce/pine/fir (“SPF”) and southern yellow pine (“SYP”)). West Fraser also produces panels (plywood, MDF and LVL), pulp (NBSK and BCTMP), energy, newsprint and wood chips.

Our operations located in western Canada manufacture all of the Company’s products except southern yellow pine lumber. The Company’s southern United States mills produce SYP lumber and wood chips.