Dubská 243, 272 03 Kladno - Dubí, Czech Republic


STROJÍRNY POLDI, as, based in the Czech Republic, is one of the oldest engineering companies in the world, with more than 125 years of experience. With our products, which include crankshafts, cylinders and tools, we are one of the major European players in these segments. We are also the only manufacturer of crankshafts in the Czech Republic. Our history dates back to 1889. The company is based and manufactures in Kladno, near Prague.

It exports more than 80% of its production abroad, to various countries on four continents.

STROJÍRNY POLDI, as, supplies high-quality crankshafts designed for engines of leading global brands operating in the segments of production of tractors, forestry and agricultural machinery, construction machinery, trucks, railway and aircraft technology, pumps and compressors.

Crankshafts are made of supplied forgings or castings, which are mechanically and thermally processed with emphasis on extremely high accuracy, quality and useful properties.

Cold rolling rolls in our company are made from forgings supplied by companies that meet strict quality requirements. Machining meets the highest demands of customers in the field of sheet metal production.

The tools are made of proven high-speed, tool and stainless steels with guaranteed utility properties for the metallurgical, engineering, glass, food and construction industries.