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The POLDI smelter was founded in 1889 and the beginning of engineering production within it dates back to the 1990s.

Production of forged cylinders began in 1910.

Since then, the technology of cylinder production has undergone many stages of development and improvement.

Today, it relies on both rich experience and newly developed production processes.

Cold rolling rolls in POLDI MACHINERY are manufactured from forgings supplied by companies that meet strict requirements for their quality. For the production of cylinders, steel from electric arc furnaces vacuum degassed or produced in a ladle furnace by out-of-furnace refining is used. Electro-slag remelted or vacuum remelted steel is used for special applications.

POLDI MACHINERY uses its own know-how to achieve the best properties of cylinders, because their heat treatment has a decisive influence on the properties of cylinders. The hardening of the working part is performed on a medium-frequency induction hardening device, and a device for induction hardening of cylinder bearing journals is also available.

Forged cylinders are finished and ground to dimensions and surface quality according to customer requirements.

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