168 Armstrong Drive Freeport, PA 16229 USA


Our mission?

“To never fail to exceed all customer expectations in providing the absolute highest quality of product, service and delivery available in the lubrication industry.”

Sloan Lubrication puts extraordinary attention, effort, and expertise into designing and applying the optimal components for the most accurate, dependable, and protected total lubrication solutions for your reciprocating and rotary equipment. We have been in business since 1922, and the fourth Sloan generation currently manages our business!

Sloan Lubrication designs and custom-builds our systems using only the highest-quality components, manufactured in our own facility or by closely controlled local suppliers. Every component and sub-assembly is 100% inspected and tested to ensure that it will perform flawlessly.

Our installation experts travel to your site, install your custom system, and fully test every aspect of operation. We conduct a training session for you and your personnel on your equipment, to ensure complete understanding of your new lubrication system and its processes. And we offer in-depth maintenance on all components, to ensure optimal operation for years to come.

Our commitment to constant innovation drives us to develop new technologies in monitors, terminal check valves, pumps, filters, and divider blocks, and we constantly evaluate other products to be sure we stay one step ahead of our competitors.

Sloan Lubrication’s obsessive attention to detail and expertise ensures total customer satisfaction. It’s why we never lose a customer – our clients realize that no one is as dedicated to satisfying their needs as Sloan Lubrication.