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AboutMetalTek International

What We Do

MetalTek is a metal products company that manufactures critical components for the world’s most demanding applications. With our unmatched diverse capabilities and depth of experience, we are relentless about working with our customers through their entire journey – from product design to delivery.

Our Markets

MetalTek is trusted by thousands of companies in more than 35 countries to understand the unique demands of each market we serve. The components we manufacture are used in high-heat, high-wear, and high-corrosion environments from the depths of the ocean all the way to the surface of Mars.

  • Defense
  • Mission-critical defense solutions for over 70 years
  • Space Exploration
  • Petrochemical
  • Turbine Engine  
  • Integrated Expertise Of More Than 100 Metallurgists And Engineers

    MetalTek’s integrated approach to manufacturing is led by the alloy and process expertise of more than 100 metallurgists and engineers across five global locations. This integrated approach allows us to partner with our customers to make their products perform better in the world's most demanding applications.

    For more information about our integrated alloy and manufacturing process expertise, contact us or consider a TekSession. You can also visit our blog or browse our hundreds of available alloys for the material properties that best fit your application.


    Metallurgy involves the purification of metals and the formation of alloys, metals formed by combining two or more metallic elements to capture specific properties.  MetalTek metallurgists help customers choose specific alloys to improve product performance, especially in high-heat, high-wear, and high-corrosion environments.

    Value Engineering

    Value engineering is a systematic approach to analyzing manufacturing costs and related processes.  Engineers at MetalTek work directly with customers to understand specific product needs and then make recommendations for the manufacturing process that achieves the highest possible product quality at the lowest possible cost.

    Advantages of our integrated metallurgy and value engineering approach include:

    Market expertise: Our metallurgists and engineers help customers meet the strictest levels of compliance through hundreds of years of combined experience in demanding, high-specification markets such as aerospace, defense, and petrochemical.

    Conversion assistance: MetalTek engineers help customers reduce costs and improve product quality by converting to metal castings from alternative processes such as fabrications or forgings.

    Alloy selection: MetalTek routinely pours over 450 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, including proprietary grades.  Our metallurgists help customers to choose alloys that meet the most demanding product requirements.

    Casting process selection: From centrifugal casting to sand casting to investment casting, our engineers use the latest computer modeling tools to help customers determine which casting processes best fits their specific product needs.


    Rapid prototyping: MetalTek can significantly reduce cost and time to market through several different rapid prototyping technologies.  Methods such as 3D printing, Direct Mold Milling, or stereolithography (SLA) can virtually eliminate lead times associated with standard tooling for prototyping or low volumes. 

    TekSession Training: Our metallurgists and engineers conduct on-site or virtual training on subjects such as casting or alloy selection, conversions from fabrications or forgings, product design, or other topics tailored to specific needs.