IDM Instruments Pty Ltd

IDM Instruments Pty Ltd

10-11 Colrado Court, Hallam, Victoria 3803, AUSTRALIA


AboutIDM Instruments Pty Ltd

Established in 1972, IDM Instruments is Australia’s leading manufacturers & suppliers of testing & measuring instruments, and CNC machining and fabrication, providing quality solutions to customer’s manufacturing process & laboratory testing requirements.

The company supplies a vast range of testing equipments to multiple industries. Our instruments can be used to test different aspects required for quality control and cost reduction of a final product, with reference to recognised international standards.

Our services include OEM design, manufacture, sales, custom CNC and fabrication, independent testing, maintenance and calibration of testing and measuring instruments. We provide our instrument to various industries including foam, packaging, paper, plastics, and many more.

Our OEM services include:

  • CAD design & drafting
  • Special instrument design & manufacture
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Full application from concept to completion
  • CNC Turning & milling
  • Contract machining for low to medium quantities
  • Custom built instruments / machines for production or laboratory