FMP Technology GmbH

FMP Technology GmbH

Am Weichselgarten 34
D-91058 Erlangen

AboutFMP Technology GmbH

FMP Technology’s founded as a corporate spin-off of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg's Institute of Fluid Mechanics, FMP Technology is an industry leader within the field of fluid mechanics. The company’s focus remains on developing its knowledge of certain technologies into commercially viable products.


FMP Technology's main product areas is coating systems and drying technologies,(Bead, Curtain, Extrusion, Web-Tension coating and Diffusion Dryer) which is aimed at making the customer process more efficient, economic and reproducible. To produce the best product possible, FMP Technology develops its solutions across the entire process chain, from the initial design through research and development to the final manufacturing stages.


FMP Technology provides small, medium and large companies with system solutions based on their knowledge of fluid mechanics.


These products from FMP Technology are designed with the knowledge that customers are looking for defect-free technology, capable of providing a reliable and easy-to-handle solution. FMP Technology's effective calculation methods have led to a product range that has introduced many new tools and devices to the market, as well as improved existing technologies.


FMP Technology's slot die coating solution provides a pre-metered, contact-free process suited for applications that require one or more fluid layers. It is an extremely economical and easy-to-control process, compatible with the company’s 'Coating Window Suite' software, which calculates layer thickness.