Nanocoatings for Devices

FMP Technology's diffusion dryers provide an energy-efficient, economical alternative to conventional convection dryers, which are currently in use. Convection dryers have been shown to use only 20% of their energy for drying, wasting 80%. FMP Technology's diffusion dryers, on the other hand, use 80% of the energy in the drying process - making them 4x more efficient.


The diffusion dryer can be used for fluids on paper, plastic (films), textiles and metals. As it heats mainly by conduction rather than convection, it is able to guarantee uniform heating of the fluid film and even vaporization of the fluid. The diffusion dryers can be supplied as modular coating and drying trolleys, named 'boosters', which are easily integrable into existing machines. This helps to improve process efficiency and performance in comparison to conventional convection dryers.

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