Laboratory coating machines

Conventional extrusion dies “supply” lateral distribution qualities of different precisions depending on the viscosity and the surface tension of the film cast material. Variations of more than 20% are not uncommon. The state of the art regarding the dependence of the lateral distribution on the mass flow and the viscosity, is generally known. However, this is undesired in many applications, because in production lines mass flow and viscosity changes have to be made several times each day. This is linked to unavoidable variations in the lateral distribution precision if the same extrusion die is used. The use of multiple extrusion dies would be necessary to ensure the desired lateral distribution precision for changing viscosities and mass flows. However, this cannot be realised due to the high associated investment costs.


Due to the current set of problems described above, FMP TECHNOLOGY GMBH created new innovative extrusion dies for film casting that did not lead to changes in the lateral distribution precision of the applied layer thicknesses.


The software-based system meets the need for a flexible and universal application coating technology which is able to handle water/solvent-based fluids, hotmelt adhesives as well as plastic used for foil extrusion. This is a first for the industry. Along with slot die coating, FMP Technology also provides solutions for spray coating, roller coating and knife-edge coating.

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