Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG

Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG

Calendariaweg 2 6405 Immensee Switzerland

AboutDurrer Spezialmaschinen AG

Durrer develops and custom-builds special machines that are tuned to your specific needs. New technologies and multilayered production steps are challenges we love to tackle. Perfect implementation of complex workflows with tight tolerances, high productivity and high cost efficiency are key features of all Durrer-solutions. Reliable support and willingness to provide upgrade options for long-term maintenance of value have been part of our service attitude since the Durrer family enterprise was founded more than 66 years ago.

Integral Production

Innovative products, demanding production processes and complex workflows call for precise and efficient machinery. Perfect equipment can often not be acquired off the shelf.

The Durrer team is used to working in an interdisciplinary way. Specialists from all relevant fields cooperate in analysis, development, planning and engineering tasks. Durrer‘s high tech machine shop produces required components at short notice. Experienced technicians assemble and test all systems. They also instruct customer personnel and provide reliable support as well as maintenance.

Graphic Machines

For more than 40 years, we've been building index cutting machines. The Durrer machines REMAT and REGA, amongst others, are renowned worldwide.

In addition to step index manufacturing, Durrer constructs sophisticated machines for the assembly and packaging of wall calendars and books- and book block fabrication as well as for advanced binding techniques.

The potential for automation in the graphics industry continues to be high. Our experience in advanced paper processing along with our competence as designer and manufacturer of special-purpose machines make us your ideal partner.