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Laboratory Mixers MLH

Laboratory Mixers MLH

MLH is a highly versatile, efficient yet affordable laboratory mixer. University researchers and R&D staff of test laboratories from virtually all industries both can enjoy the vast possibilities of testing process feasibility.


The MLH Laboratory Batch Mixer consists of stand-alone drive unit with incorporated frequency inverter, an easily replaceable horizontal mixing shaft supported at the drive end only, and an easily replaceable, revolving mixing vessel complete with inlet/outlet, as well as an inspection door ensuring free access to all internal parts. Equipped with a variety of mixing tools, the machine produces high quality mixtures which are reproducible over time.


  • Capacity: 1 ~ 23 litres per batch
  • Possibility of adding liquids
  • Available in 304L / 316L stainless steel
  • Motor controlled by frequency inverter (possibility of setting shaft speed from 70 to 270 rpm)


  • Highest quality mix in shortest mixing time
  • No product deterioration or damage
  • All internal parts of the mixing vessel easily accessible
  • Easily replaceable horizontal mixing shaft
  • Wide range of mixing tools (ploughshare, toothed ploughshare, blade-type, toothed blade, ribbon), available with anti-wear coating on request
  • Maximum operating comfort


  • Choppers
  • Quick release mixing vessel (MLH 6 and 12 only)
  • Equipment for liquid injection
  • Special surface treatment (mirror polishing mirror, Teflon liner)
  • Heating/cooling jacketed mixing chamber

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