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Inclined Slide Valves

Inclined Slide Valves

VDI Inclined Slide (Feeder) Valves add to the function of material flow by gravity interception the ability to control the material flow. The particular asymmetrical geometry of the blade enables flow adjustment adding, within certain limits, volumetric feeding properties to the unit.


The inclined blade of the VDI Inclined Slide Valve forms an eye-shaped aperture with the asymmetrically tapered inner body. The wider the eye is opened, the more material flows through, the further it is closed the more the material flow is reduced.

The inner body consists of a self-supporting SINT engineering polymer composite cast. The blade is manufactured from carbon or stainless steel. The valve can be operated manually, pneumatically or by electric gear motor. Intermediate blade positions instead of a complete opening are obtained through position sensors. To enforce material flow at low flow rates the dustproof VDI valve can be equipped with an additional pneumatic hammer that imparts repetitive percussions to the internal valve body during operation.


  • Carbon or stainless steel frame, SINT engineering polymer composite-lined and coated
  • Interchangeable carbon steel, stainless steel or SINT engineering polymer blades
  • Interchangeable actuators: manual, pneumatic, electric gear motor
  • Intermediate blade positions for feeding
  • Tapered inlet
  • Dustproof design
  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Ex-stock delivery


  • Better material flow than with butterfly or slide valves due to central flow
  • Passage section more linear, homogeneous and proportional to actuator position than with other valves
  • With the inclusion of dedicated control devices accurate material feeding
  • Inlet geometry easing material extraction from storage device

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