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UNTHA Shredding Technology

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XR3000 waste shredder

XR3000  waste shredder

Flexible shredder for all kinds of waste streams

The XR class is a high-performance solid waste shredder for the size reduction of different waste streams like C&I waste, MSW, pulper ropes and so on. The slow speed solid waste shredder is often used as a pre-shredder / primary shredder in a comprehensive system or simply as a single-pass shredding concept to produce alternative fuels. The robust design enables even untreated material containing unshreddable items to be processed in one pass. These items can be removed quickly and easily using the impurity removal system, which keeps downtime to a minimum.

The XR3000C solid waste shredder has already proved itself many times as a single-pass solution for processing pulper ropes. The high torque and the machine’s perfectly aligned cutting system enable the material to be fed directly into the machine without pre-shredding. A load-dependent speed control ensures a constant throughput rate.

Minimal operating costs paired with maximum performance make this waste shredder a strong partner that stands out for its forward-thinking technology, such as the UNTHA Eco Drive concept that lowers energy consumption by 75% compared to standard electro-hydraulic drive options.

State-of-the-art synchronous motors achieve maximum efficiency, making the UNTHA Eco Drive one of the most energy-efficient drive systems on the market.

Your benefits at a glance:

• Robust shredder with high degree of resistance to unshreddable items

• Effective removal system for unshreddable items

• Homogeneous, defined fraction size through screen bars or a perforated screen

• Slow speed shredder

• Low noise and dust emission (noise level dBA)

• Low energy costs due to UNTHA Eco Drive

• Easy to service and maintain

All of our shredders are supplied with a professional customer support service.

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