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With the aim of achieving significant savings in the treatment of starch, SERTEC20 proposes the substitution of cationic starch for "cationized " native starch in situ, by means of a specific formulation that allows any type of native starch to be cationized, achieving a behavior that allows it to match, or even exceed, the performance of cationic starch; which allows the elimination of cationic starch and to be able to reach the degree of cationization on demand.

How does it Work

CATIOTEC, due to its structure and cationicity, is adsorbed on the starch molecule, modifying its surface and giving it a global cationic charge.

It is possible to cationize to the desired degree, its absorption on the starch molecule is practically linear with the dose.

Its easy control and application make this product an effective assistant in the control of the wet part of the machine, being able to change the cationicity of the starch in different paper productions, adjusting it as needed.


  • Use of native starch avoiding the use of cationic starch
  • Savings in starch treatment
  • Matches or increases the characteristics of the paper
  • Better control of the retention system thanks to the ability to regulate the dose based on the ionicity of the system.

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