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The products in the SERSOFT range are softeners that give tissue paper a more pleasant touch, increasing the sensation of softness.

The design and selection of the most suitable softener will allow the desired properties to be obtained in the final paper produced. By understanding as Superficial Softness or Handfeel the sensation perceived when the fingers move over the surface of the paper, Volume or Sponginess to the tactile sensation perceived when the tissue paper is pressed and wrinkled between the hands and Flexibility as Modulus of Elasticity of the paper.

The optimal combination of effects is achieved thanks to the appropriate formulation of the SERSOFT range and, unlike traditional technologies, the formulations do not generate a loss of characteristics (resistance) to the paper.

How does it Work

They provide softness by lubricating and conditioning the individual fibers, reducing the coefficient of friction between them. In this way, an improvement in flexibility, smoothness, surface smoothness and volume is achieved.

Thanks to the cationic nature of the softening agent, the product has a high affinity for fibers used in the manufacture of tissue paper, conferring a long-lasting effect over time. This characteristic allows the softener to be fixed on the fibers at the same time as it increases the retention of fines and maintains the mechanical properties of the paper.

It is possible to use the product with a wide variety of fibers, either with virgin fiber or recycled paper.


  • Increased smoothness
  • volume increase
  • Increased retention
  • Maintains the physical properties of the paper

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