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Technical Services

Technical Services

The presence of ORADOC’s technicians on site saves time and it avoids miscommunication problems. Looking for the most suitable solution, ORADOC’s technicians will involve the plant personnel, who can address all possible questions on the spot, in order to define the most efficient approach, the best practices available and the required maintenance. Field engineering services include:

Dimensional measurements

ORADOC’s technicians can take detailed measurements during a regularly scheduled machine outage, without interfering with the usual activity of the continuous line. Dimensional measurements could then be used to put the best layout solutions into practice or to get the most out of the existing conditions. A tailored service for each machinery and each customer.


Onsite services allow saving time and elaborate alternative solutions, also taking advantage of the collaboration with the plant staff. ORADOC technicians, once the necessary measurements are done, can make a project draft on site, with a further optimization in the following days, shortening the confirmation and execution terms.

Installation, set up and start up

The installation stage is key to guarantee the success of each project, where qualified personnel can make the difference. ORADOC can offer turnkey installations or a qualified supervisor who will guarantee the correct assembling and on-site staff coordination, over the whole installation, start-up and testing stages.

Maintenance, fixing and set up

With the aim to offer a quick and efficient service, ORADOC monitors and takes care of every single detail, to guarantee its customers highly performing, efficient and safe products. The recurring attention to regulations and eventual substitution of worn-out components are part of ordinary and special maintenance programs. Each intervention is documented with an accurate report made by our technicians, in which the examined equipment conditions and the actions taken to solve possible problems are shown.

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