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OraTec FX

OraTec FX

OraTec FX is a fixed measuring system dedicated to creping process monitoring in tissue paper production. It provides a series of alarms and indications useful to identify particular working conditions of the machine that can lead to possible damage of the Yankee cylinder. Thanks to a new and advanced technology for signal acquisition, OraTec FX is able to measure and evaluate mechanical events, fiber accumulations, coating characteristics, friction between the Yankee cylinder and the creping blade, behavior of the cleaning blade, extractor efficiency, hood functionality and much more.

OraTec FX is also able to collect process data for a complete evaluation of working conditions, so as to optimize creping performance and perform a more accurate predictive analysis.

The proposed standard configuration consists of:


  • 3 vibration sensors on the creping beam with relative installation supports, cables and protective covers;


  • 1 vibration sensor on the cleaning crossbar with relative installation support, cable and protective cover;


  • 1 acquisition panel


  • 1 appropriately configured workstation


  • New Software Track FX


  • Remote monitoring service by ORADOC staff (data analysis, troubleshooting and technical assistance)

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