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Audits & Predictive Services

Audits & Predictive Services

Technical audits on the doctoring systems functioning and the predictive services are advanced instruments to measure the performance of the paper machines and the plants, monitor the production processes and verify the status of the critical components to guarantee productive quality and superior performances.

Doctoring systems technical audits

The experience of Oradoc, gained over more than 30 years, allows its technicians and engineers to make analysis and surveys on the plant, giving a detailed report on the performance, on the conditions and on the recommendations to improve the performances and solve eventual problems.

Vibration measuring on site and creping process performance analysis

The measure and analysis of the vibration and other variables allow to monitor and optimize the creping process and detect possible anomalies related to the Yankee cylinder, as chatter marks for example, and to the doctoring system.

Remote vibration measuring and analysis of the performance of the creping process

The advanced technology of the Oratec FX real-time acquisition system, the monitoring and analysis of the vibration measures taken by the engineers and the technicians at the Oradoc monitoring center allow to detect and signal process anomalies and damages, in order to plan eventual corrective and maintenance interventions to avoid the risk of an unexpected machine stop.

Blades check

The blades check consists in a quality and quantity inspection to characterize the type and profile of blade wear, to verify the conditions of efficiency and blade-cylinder interaction and to detect eventual damages to the critical components of the doctoring systems.

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